Toni Tone is a British social media influencer, with an audience of over 100,000 across her social media platforms.  She is best known for her social media writing and averages over 15 million Twitter impressions a month, thanks to her eye-opening, insightful and candid threads. Although Toni is well recognised for her personal social media work, her professional social media achievements have played a significant role in her independent brand success.

Her work as a Digital Media Manager for the National Health Service (NHS), saw her leading several social media campaigns - one of which was #CoverUpMate. This well known skin cancer campaign was independently designed and led by Toni on behalf of the NHS in the South of England. The campaign remains one of the most successful NHS social media campaigns to date and in 2017, it was awarded 'Best Social Media Campaign' at the Comms2Point0 Unawards. The campaign was also described by SocialSignIn as an example of a "truly successful social media campaign.” Toni has since gone on to carry out social media work for Oxford University and groundbreaking app, Blin.gy.

It was during her professional work that Toni realised she had a talent for social media writing. Subsequently she began developing her personal platforms. In January 2018, Toni shared a Twitter thread aimed at encouraging fuller faced women to embrace their faces. #ChubbyCheekGang quickly went viral, receiving over 63,000 likes. The success of the thread saw the topic picked up by international press, which included: The Independent, Mail Online, Metro, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and Hello! (Russia). This is how the hashtag #ChubbyCheekGang was born.

Toni gradually began to understand how to create her own engaging and shareable content online and has since gone on to write many other viral Twitter threads, which focus on topics such as; relationships, health, family, feminism, plastic surgery, beauty, race and more. The success of her content has led to her speaking at events across the UK, holding a workshop at the University of Oxford on social media branding, and appearing on several online topical discussion shows; including Grapevine TV (YouTube), The Vibe (Beat London 103.6FM) and The Rants Show (GidiLounge).